Friday, June 2, 2017

What I Enjoyed This Week: A Walker, a Van, and a Finished Blanket

The loaner van. 

We've decided to buy a new van.  All seven of us fit in my Toyota Sienna, but Sarah Beth is squashed in between two booster seats which isn't very comfortable for her.  We've been thinking about new vehicles for two years, ever since we discovered I was pregnant with Hannah.  Since my minivan is now ten years old -- and our children are getting bigger, it was time to seriously think about a replacement vehicle.

In all honesty, I dragged my heels about making this decision.  I loved my minivan.  Loved it!  And these ten-passenger vans are so very big!  But John did the research, and God kept using people to show me how much nicer life would be with a full-size van.  So we bit the bullet, so to speak, and bought one.

Oops!  I'm getting ahead of myself.  Before we bought one, I wanted to test drive one in our town.  But the nearest dealer was an hour away in Houston, and we weren't sure they would let us borrow one that far away.  But they did!  They let us have one to try Memorial Day weekend, and John went back on that Monday to buy one.  We wanted blue, but the one they lent us is black.  Unfortunately, our blue van won't be ready for another week or two because we requested running boards which won't come in for that long.  So they're letting us keep the loaner van for that long.  Can you believe it?!

So I've spent the last week driving this huge vehicle around town, figuring things out.  Parking is the hardest thing, but we live in Texas.  Lots of people here drive trucks, so parking spaces tend to be bigger which helps a lot.  :)

The other big thing that happened this week is that Hannah decided to walk.  She's been taking a few steps at a time, and we knew she could do more.  She just didn't want to.  But she decided Wednesday evening that she could, and she walked around and around and around, making sure I was watching.  I wish you could see the proud expression on her face!

I also finished this blanket which isn't nearly as big a deal as the first two things, but I'm glad I'm done.  :)

Here are a few other things I enjoyed this week:
  • No school.  We finished last week, and we're getting used to our no-school routine.  
  • Swim team practice.  Sarah Beth has that most mornings, or she can do it in the evenings.  They don't care, so we do what's best for us.  :)
  • Getting dentist appointments out of the way.  I'm so glad I can schedule the kids all at the same time.
  • Rain.  We had some the other night, but not too much.
  • Time with my girls.  John and Daniel have been spending some quality time with each other this week, leaving us girls together.  :)
We don't have much planned this weekend.  Hopefully, some friends will be able to come over this afternoon; it depends on what time their repairman comes over.  Other than that, it should be a quiet weekend.

What did you enjoy this week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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