Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Do You Bullet Journal?

Some people use a fancy book, but I just use a cheap one.  :)

Last month I mentioned that I had started "bullet journaling" and was really enjoying it. Because I find it so helpful, I thought that maybe you would, too.  :)  Has it transformed my life?  No, but I would say that it has simplified my life, specifically, I have a place to write random things so that I don't lose them or forget them.

It all started one Sunday when one of my children was sick, and I stayed home from church with her. I didn't want to watch what she wanted to watch on tv, and she got to choose since she was sick.  So I picked a webinar from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle I had just purchased:  Bullet Journaling for Book Lovers.  I had no idea what bullet journaling was, but I am a book lover, so I figured I would enjoy it.

Basically, when you bullet journal, you take a blank book, number the pages, create a table of contents, and start making lists.  And checking things off after you do them.  That's the best part!

Here's my table of contents:

After I purchased the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, I wanted to keep track of the sessions I wanted to watch and the courses I wanted to take.  As you can see, that was the first thing in my table of contents.  I knew I was going to attend the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Atlanta, and I wanted to write down the sessions I wanted to watch there, too.  Usually, I try to keep track of these things in my head, or I write them down on a scrap piece of paper -- which inevitably gets lost.  With my bullet journal, they're kept together in the same book so I won't lose them, I can find each list easily because of the numbered pages, and it's written down so I don't have to waste precious brain space trying to remember.

I now have lists of movies that I want to watch, books to reads, etc.  What I really enjoy is that when I watch one of these webinars and want to take notes, I write them down in my bullet journal.  My notes are bound together with my lists, so nothing gets lost, and it's all easily referenced.

Honestly, I don't know how much I will use some of the notes that I've taken.  I may never look at  them again, but I know where they are if I should want to.  But the lists, well, I keep adding to them.  And when I have some time to watch a webinar, I have an easily accessible list to help me decide which one to watch instead of having to scroll through the whole list every time.

Do you bullet journal?  What kinds of things do you keep track of in yours?

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