Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Where We've Been: Two Weeks with Family and Learning about the Civil War in Atlanta

Doesn't Mary look fierce with her upside-down musket?  :)  What about Daniel right behind her?

Two weeks ago, I left with my children to visit my family in Georgia.  On the way, we stopped in Atlanta to participate in the Civil War tour with Landmark Events.  I was amazed at how much I learned, even though I grew up in Georgia and had taken a Georgia history class in school.  Of course, much of what I learned on this tour were things that you won't read in history books.  For example, Confederate General Lowery called a temporary ceasefire to save wounded Union soldiers who were being burned alive because they were unable to move themselves from the woods which had been set on fire by the cannons.  A Confederate general concerned with the lives of Union soldiers?  Yes, he was a Christian.  :)

A memorial to the unknown Confederate dead in the Oakland Cemetery.

The tour ended on Thursday, and my parents took my children home with them while I stayed in Atlanta for the Teach Them Diligently Conference.  I was able to attend Thursday evening and Friday morning, and I enjoyed the meetings I attended.  Boy, the convention hall was jam-packed!  I was glad that I had already decided on most of our curricula for next year because it was a little overwhelming!

 Three of my children at the base of John B. Gordon memorial at the Georgia Capitol.

Over the weekend, we spent some time with my brothers and, of course, my parents.  My younger brother, his wife, and children dropped by a couple of times to see us.  And my older brother came over Saturday night.  Then we had supper with my sister the next Wednesday, and I finally got to meet her fiancee!  

 The John B. Gordon Memorial.

As much as I could, I rested up over the weekend because I had a busy week planned, spending time with friends.  I met one friend for breakfast; we've been friends for more than thirty years!  My children and I went to visit other friends for lunch, and there were four women and twenty-two children!  So much fun!  Lastly but definitely not unimportantly, I met Tracey from Girls to Grow in person!  She is no longer a blogging friend, but she is now a real live friend!

 The only picture I have of Sarah Beth.  :(

We had such a good time spending time with friends and family and learning new things that we almost didn't want to come back home.  Almost.  :)  But we missed our husband and daddy, so we got back in the car for the drive home.  And he was waiting outside when we arrived.  :)

It was a whirlwind two weeks, but it sure was an amazing time!

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