Monday, February 20, 2017

How I "Fixed" My Bad Mood on Saturday

Mary had her first soccer practice Saturday, and she LOVED it!

When I chose joy for my word of the year, one thing I wanted to do was to figure out why I wasn't happy sometimes and see if I could "fix" it.  Some sadnesses can't be "fixed," and I'm not talking about those.  There are times, however, when I've gotten myself into a bad mood, and I don't know why.  Those times are the ones that I want to "fix."

These bad moods seem to happen consistently at two different times.  The first occurs when I put John into a cage of expectations -- and he doesn't meet my expectations.  The second seems to happen the most on Saturdays, and I wanted to figure out why.

My schedule is different on Saturdays than during the week because John is home.  But no, John isn't the cause of my bad moods.  I work really hard on Saturdays, but I work really hard the other days, too.  What's the difference?  I finally realized that the difference is that I have a built-in rest time for me during the week with nap time/play time.  While Hannah does still nap on Saturday, I don't send the other four upstairs to play because John is home, and they need that time with him.  I don't get my usual time to rest and recharge by doing something I enjoy.

This past Saturday, we had soccer games and practice all morning, then we came home for lunch.  After I cleaned up the dishes, did some laundry, and finished the grocery list, I headed to the grocery store -- with Rachel who had a great time!  When I got home and after I put the groceries away, I realized I had a choice.  I could immediately get to work on the dessert I was taking to church the next day, or I could rest for a few minutes and do something that I enjoyed.  I did the latter and was refreshed and recharged to continue my day.  

As a matter of fact, I took a couple more breaks that afternoon to do things that I enjoyed in between doing my other chores, and I stayed in a good mood.  And I think I actually accomplished more!  Since I was rested and happy, I was willing to keep going to get things done.

I have a question for you:  is there a certain time when you find yourself in a bad mood?  Have you ever tried to figure out why it occurs?  Maybe you'll have a breakthrough like I did!

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