Monday, February 27, 2017

February Review of Goals

My little cowboy girl.

We've had a fairly quiet month at home which has been nice.  I always enjoy my time at home.  :)  I feel like I did well with my goals except for the ones having to do with hospitality.  I'm out of practice which makes it harder.
  • I want to run two 5Ks.  My training is right on schedule for the first one in March.
  • Fun School Days.  We celebrated National Tootsie Roll Day and remembered the siege of the Alamo.
  • Hospitality:  having other mothers and children over for games and such.  I invited several mothers and their children to meet us at the park, but no one was available.
  • Hospitality:  we also used to have families over for supper one night each month, and we need to get back into doing this again, too.  We were too busy this month -- and probably will be again next month.
  • Date night.  John and I celebrated our anniversary by going out to eat.
  • Get comfortable enough with my handgun to go shoot by myself.  I did not go shooting this month.
My goals for February:
  • Increase my running from 25 minutes to thirty.  I exceeded this goal and made it to thirty-six minutes which puts me in a great place with a month to go until the 5K.
  • Finish Crystal's course.  I've still got a couple more days to finish.  
  • Schedule my days in blocks of time.  I tried this idea for a few days and didn't find it helpful.  I found that I already do this mentally.  :)
  • Review four books.  I reviewed three of them, and I hope to get the fourth done next week.  
March is going to be very busy for us with a couple of trips and my mother coming to visit, so I'm keeping my goals fairly easy:  
  • Run a 5K.  My goal is to run the whole thing, and maybe, just maybe, I'll run it a little faster than I did the last one.  :)
  • Celebrate pi Day.  That day will be our fun school day for the month as we celebrate circles.
How are you doing with your goals?  What have you accomplished lately?

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