Friday, January 20, 2017

What I Enjoyed This Week: A Finished Blanket

The finished blanket.

We're getting back into our routine with the holidays over and CC starting back.  It's been cloudy lately, so that combined with our routine made things a little, well, not so much fun.  But we've worked hard this year, and I know that if we continue to work hard, we will enjoy a sense of a job well done -- at least, I will.  :)

Here are a few things I enjoyed this week:
  • John being back home.  He was gone Tuesday night for work.
  • the Book It program from Pizza Hut.  With three children eligible, we had a fairly inexpensive meal while he was gone.  Next year, we'll have four!
  • a long talk with my mother.  It's been too long (more than a week) since we had such a long phone call.
  • rain.  We've had so many cloudy days lately; finally, it rained!  Don't give me clouds unless there's rain in them!  :)
  • a finished blanket.  I've been knitting this blanket for, it seems like, forever.  And I'm finally done!  Now I need to schedule a trip to the pregnancy center to drop it off along with a bunch of other stuff Hannah has outgrown.
  • starting a new blanket!  That's always fun!
We plan to watch some of Trump's inauguration this morning since an inauguration only happens once every four years -- we hope.  And honestly, I've never watched one before.  We also have plans to have supper with friends this weekend, and we're looking forward to it!  Other than that, it looks like a quiet weekend at home.

What did you enjoy this week?  What do you have planned for your weekend?

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