Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December Reading

With the holidays and everything, I didn't get as much read this month as I had wanted.  But I don't mind because I had more important things to do, like spending time with my family.  :)  Here is what I did manage to read:
  • For Women Only:  What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men by Shaunti Feldhan.  Tracey at Girls to Grow highly recommended this book, so I read it.  While I didn't learn much that was new, I did learn how important these things are.  I can see how using this information can make me a better wife.
  • Noah:  Man of Destiny by Tim Chaffey and K.  Marie Adams.  I must admit that I have a fascination with the time before and right after the Flood, so I scooped this book up as soon as I read about it.  Since it was written by people who have helped develop the ark for Answers in Genesis, they have researched this material, and it is as accurate as it could be for a work of fiction.  However, I enjoyed The Coming Wrath by John K.  Reed better.  :)
  • The Sword of Shanarra by Terry Brooks.  John and I watched the new tv series based on this book series, and it intrigued me even though I hadn't enjoyed this book much the first time I read it.  It seems like a rewritten Lord of the Rings by Tolkien.  I appreciated it better this time, and it kept me going on the treadmill.  And I actually look forward to reading the second one.  
  • The Warrior's Seal by Ronie Kendig.  In this novella, a special forces soldier is sent to rescue some VIPs kidnapped by a terrorist group in the Middle East.  Meanwhile, an ancient artifact has been stolen, and a mysterious plague is affecting those who have been in contact with it.  Tox and his team have to find the missing people and stop the plague.  An exciting adventure for my time on the treadmill.
What did you read this month?

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