Friday, September 30, 2016

What I Enjoyed This Week: Puzzles and Friends

Lately, I've been wondering where all my time is going.  I don't seem to have the time that I used to have, so I'm getting left behind on my chores and other things.  Then I realized the two things that are sapping my time:  soccer practice and feeding Hannah.  Taking Sarah Beth and Daniel to practice every day takes thirty to forty minutes including drive time and getting ready.  And feeding Hannah food along with a bottle takes much longer than just nursing her.  Oh, well.  I'm sure I'll figure this season out soon -- probably in time for it to end.  :)

Here are a few things I've enjoyed this week:
  • Watching Daniel play soccer last Saturday.  It was the first time I'd been able to see him play.  His team didn't win, but they fought hard and had fun which is what really counts, right?
  • Doing puzzles with my children.  Our library has a bunch of puzzles, and they let patrons borrow them.  Hooray for free puzzles!  As quickly as Rachel can put together a 500-piece puzzles, we go through a lot of puzzles.
  • Having friends over Monday.  We haven't seen these friends in a couple of months, so it was especially nice to spend time with them.
Sarah Beth's soccer game was moved from tomorrow to this evening, so I look forward to watching her play.  Also, it will be nice to have only one game in the hot sun tomorrow.  :)  We have friends coming over for supper tomorrow night which should be fun.  

What have you enjoyed this week?  What plans do you have for the weekend?

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