Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How I Decide What Books to Read When

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I have found that if I don't have a plan for my reading, I tend to get lost in reading fiction books.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with reading fiction, there is still much I can -- and need to -- learn by reading nonfiction.  For example, I can learn how to be a better mother and wife, how to teach my children better, and how to love God more.  So I came up with this plan, and maybe you can find something useful in it for your reading.

I usually have three or four books going at a time.  Here is why:
  1. How-to book.  My goal is to read one chapter from this category of books every day, and it's the first thing I read.  If the chapters are especially long, I try to read half a chapter.  Right now, I am reading The Five Love Languages for Children by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  
  2. History/fiction.  After I finish the required chapter, I permit myself to read from this category.  Most of the time, it's a history book or fiction.  It's more fun to read usually, and I can read as much of this category as the day allows.  I'm in the middle of Patrick Henry:  First Among Patriots by Thomas S. Kidd.
  3. Fun book.  I read from this category while using my treadmill, so the book has to be engaging in order to keep me moving.  Currently, I'm reading To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson.  These books also have to be available on kindle because I need to enlarge the print so I can read it.  
Using this plan allows me to read books from several different genres, learning new things and enjoying myself.  I'm sure that my plan will change again, but this one works for me right now.  Do you have any plan for your reading?

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