Friday, July 8, 2016

What I've Enjoyed This Week: My Sweet Husband!

Rachel's expression!

This week was a strange mixture of busy-ness and quiet.  Monday was fairly busy as John was home, and I tried to take advantage of that to get a few extra things done.  Tuesday and Wednesday were quiet, other than running a couple of errands and getting caught up on laundry.  Thursday and today, however, are very busy, but I'll have to tell you about that later.  :)

Here are a few things I enjoyed this week:
  • It was wonderful having John home for a three day weekend especially since
  • one of those days was his birthday!
  • Watching John play with our children.  He played Risk with Sarah Beth and Daniel, tossed the baseball with Daniel, and read books and played Uno with Rachel and Mary.  Do we mothers appreciate anything more than seeing our husbands spending time with our children?
  • More doughnuts.  I couldn't help taking advantage of my new doughnut pans and this scrumptious recipe!  (Baking doughnuts really isn't hard.  :) 
  • Finishing this blanket.  I love the way the stripes change as they progress up the blanket, and I'm tempted to keep it for Hannah.  But I will probably donate it to the local pregnancy center since that's why I made it.  :)
  • Having a clean coop.  No, I did not enjoy cleaning it out, but I do enjoy knowing that it's clean -- or at least, it was before the chickens went back in.  :)
What did you enjoy this week?

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