Friday, July 22, 2016

What I Enjoyed the Past Two Weeks

My mother brought a couple of puzzles, and we had so much fun putting them together.  As a matter of fact, my brother and I put together a 550 piece puzzle one morning almost by ourselves!  I had no idea we made such a great team.

There were so many moments like this, where one of the older cousins was being sweet to one of the younger ones (mine).  The especially enjoyed Hannah, but who doesn't love a sweet baby?  :)

Proof that Hannah and I went to the beach!  Since neither of us got any sun (because we weren't there very long), I'm glad I have this picture.  :)

Two weeks ago, we left on a trip filled with family.  First was a family reunion where I saw aunts and cousins I hadn't seen in years.  And I met some of my cousins' children which was fun.  I also met some of my father's family, people I had not met before.  Here are a few things I enjoyed from that part of the trip:
  • how well Hannah did in the car.  Honestly, we were amazed at how well she traveled because we were dreading all of the time spent in the car.
  • getting reacquainted with family I hadn't seen in a while
  • spending time with family I hadn't met before
  • seeing where my father spent time as a child and learning more of his history
  • listening to these CD's from Heirloom Audio; they're very good!
After the reunion, we drove down to Destin, Fl., for a week with my immediate family.  Here are a few things I enjoyed on that part of the trip:
  • knowing that a week of vacation was coming
  • spending quality time with my younger brother and sister and their children
  • watching John interact with our children; they had a great time!
  • being so close to the beach; it was wonderful being close enough to walk down for a few minutes, not feeling like you had to stay for a long time
A few things I did not enjoy so much but that had silver linings:
  • being on the third floor of the beach house; I did not enjoy climbing the stairs, but I did appreciate knowing that I was burning some of the calories I was consuming.  Do you eat too much on vacation, like I do?  :)
This week, I've enjoyed being home!  Also, Sarah Beth has had camp, and while I'm not thrilled about having to take her and pick her up every  day, I do enjoy knowing that she's having a great time!

What have you enjoyed doing lately?

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