Monday, May 9, 2016

May Goals

I love seeing my children playing together!

April was a busy month!  We still had CC on Mondays, but we also had swimming lessons two evenings a week:  Monday and Wednesday.  I'm not sure how we made it through Mondays except that John was a big help with the swimming lessons.  :)

I celebrated my birthday, too.  John took the day off to stay home with the older children while I drove to Houston to shop a consignment sale with and for Hannah.  I also arranged to have lunch with a friend.  It was a fun but tiring day!

Hannah is doing wonderfully, and I hate to say it, but she gets easier every day.  I feel like I'm almost ready to get back into doing things "normally," things like going out with friends occasionally, exercising, and actually cooking supper instead of thawing it from the freezer.  :)

Since I really didn't have any goals for April, I'll jump right into my goals for May, especially since I just couldn't get motivated to start exercising on the treadmill.  :)
  • Exercise on the treadmill four times a week.  I've still got some baby weight to lose, and there is a 5K I'm tentatively planning to run in December.  I actually started last week, and I'm doing great!
  • Make Over Your Mornings.  I started this course last week by Money Saving Mom's Crystal Paine, and I've enjoyed it.  I haven't learned much -- yet, but it has reinforced the things that I already do.
  • Finish our school year well.  Our last day of school is May 20th, and I can tell that it's going to be hard to keep going strong for the last two weeks.  ;)
What goals do you have?  How are you doing with them?

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