Monday, May 23, 2016

Book Review: Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson

In Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson, state detective Evie Blackwell travels to a small town in Illinois to investigate a couple of cold cases:  the murders of a family and a child's disappearance.  While there, she meets and works with the town's sheriff and his family as they reinvestigate these crimes.

I enjoy the idea of reinvestigating cold cases and bringing the perpetrators to justice, so I figured I would appreciate this book.  And I did.  I liked how the police officers from different jurisdictions worked together to solve the crimes.  I liked the characters.  But halfway through the book, I realized there was something I didn't like:  there was too much conversation.  It seemed like all the characters ever did was talk.  One conversation lasted for twenty pages!  There is very little action in this book which is okay, but it makes the book a little flat.  Don't get me wrong, the book was very interesting; it just was missing something.

My other problem with this book was that there wasn't any conflict between the characters.  All of the Thane brothers and their parents got along great; there wasn't any tension between the state police and the local police.  Along with that, everyone was wise about decision making.  Each person knew exactly what to do when, how to treat the victims, and no one ever questioned their advice and counsel.  It was a little too perfect.

Dee Henderson can write a really good book, and I really did enjoy this one.  But it just seemed to lack a couple of things that would have made it better.

I want to thank Bethany House for my review copy of this book, but my opinions are my own.

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