Friday, April 1, 2016

Update on March Goals

I love seeing Daniel read!  It's hard finding books that grab his attention.

If there's one thing that's consistent about babies, it's that they are consistently inconsistent.  One night, Hannah will sleep through the night, and the next night she'll be up at 3:00 a.m..  One day she'll take two great naps, and the next day she won't take one.  So that makes it hard for me because I like to have some kind of plan for the day.  Oh, well!  I'm learning to be flexible.  ;)

Here are the goals I set for March:
  • Get into a regular routine.  I did -- at least, as much of a routine as an inconsistent baby will allow.  :)  I had supper on the table every night for supper, thanks to all of the meals I froze before Hannah was born.  John also cooked a few times and picked up supper on the way home from work.  
  • Get back to doing school.  Done!  We didn't miss any days of school because of Hannah.  :)
  • I plan to do one hour of CE to keep my pharmacist license every day in March.  I did really well the first two weeks, getting two hours most days -- which was good because I did not do nearly so well the last couple of weeks.  :)  Out of the 30 hours that I need, I have 28 which is really good, better than I actually thought I would do.
I feel like I should make some goals for April, but I think I'm going to continue to focus on getting our normal, everyday chores and responsibilities done.  I don't think I'm quite ready to add anything extra yet.  However, if Hannah continues to sleep well at night, I might start walking/jogging on the treadmill three days a week.  But I'm not going to worry about it if I don't get to it.  Sleeping is more important than exercise.  Right?  ;)

How are you doing with your goals?

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