Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekly (#4) Update on January Goals

Last week was a different kind of busy.  I'm glad that I had all of my planned decluttering done along with all of the casseroles I had planned to freeze because I didn't have time for any of that.  On Monday, we started back with Classical Conversations, and I'm worn out when we get home and not good for much else the rest of the day.  Tuesday was Rachel's birthday, and it was busy with a trip to the Lego Store for her to pick out her gift and making a trifle instead of a cake.  :)  So Wednesday was like my Monday as far as my weekly chores, and I felt like I started my week behind.

But I was able to get some things done, getting ready for the baby -- which is a good thing since she's coming soon!  I finished buying the last minute things I remembered that I needed, and I got almost everything washed, dried, and put away.  The bassinet is set up, and the changing area is stocked with diapers and wipes.  I did not get the swing and bouncy seat set up, but I did get them washed.  I'm sure I'll get to them this week.

As for my other goals, I'll give a quick recap:
  • I prepared several meals and froze them for after the baby comes.
  • I did not figure out a good time to read a chapter book to my children.
  • I did fairly well with working with Sarah Beth and her Essentials school work, getting ready to start back to CC.
  • I finished Kathi Lipp's Clutter Free Academy (except for the garage).  
I think I did well!

Here is my goal for February:
  • Have the baby
I'm just keeping it realistic!

How are you doing with your goals?

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