Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Update (#2) of January Goals

I feel like I had another productive week.  While I don't know that I'm actually nesting, I do feel the urge to get things done before this baby arrives.

Preparing Meals.  When John went to the grocery store last Saturday, he brought home some boneless, skinless chicken breasts which I cut up into bite-sized pieces and froze in two batches.  Technically, these packs aren't meals, but they are the hard part of getting a couple of meals into the crockpot.  It's easy to add a few other ingredients and have the meal put together.

Sarah Beth's Schoolwork.  I only worked with her twice this week, but I think she got the hang of diagramming imperative sentences.  So I'm not too upset.  Besides, we were gone one afternoon for the kids' appointments and I was gone another afternoon for mine.  And then John came came home early on Friday (yea!),  so we just didn't have the time (or inclination) for our afternoon work.

  • Day 6:  Kitchen drawers.  I started with my baking supply drawer and threw out thirteen things, most of which were measuring cups and spoons whose size had been washed off along with a few cheap or in-poor-condition duplicates.  Why did I keep them when I couldn't even tell how much they measured?  :)  Then I moved to the catch-all drawer where I threw out rusty duplicates; again, why did I keep them?  Next, I cleaned out the drawer where we keep the phone book and other like supplies.  While this is really part of our home office, I was saving it for today.  I threw out old catalogs, old phone books (one from five years ago when we lived in Georgia), and an old checkbook (the starter one with its handwritten label from Florida).  Lastly, I tackled the two drawers where I keep plastic bags and miscellaneous things.  All together, I was able to throw away, give away, or move to a better place 74 things.  Now there's so much more room in all of my drawers.  Wonderful!!
  • Day 7:  Crafting stuff.  Actually, day 2 was supposed to be the garage, but I'm waiting for the weather to be a little nicer before I tackle that one!  :)  I went through almost everything related to my knitting and crocheting back in November and got rid of donated almost 100 skeins of yarn, so I didn't think I would have too much to do today.  The only thing I needed to go through was my knitting/crocheting basket where I keep my current project and the tools I need for it.  Well, I was wrong!  I took everything out of this basket, sorted through it, and was able to throw away, donate, or relocate 42 things.  I mean, how many size K crochet hooks do you need?  :)  I removed all of this stuff from a basket measuring only 10 x 14".  Crazy!
  • Day 8:  Living room.  Since I'm a minimalist when it comes to decorating, there wasn't much on the shelves in our living room that I needed or wanted to get rid of.  So I tackled the drawers in the bookshelf and in the side tables.  I found seven DVD's to post on Swap-a-DVD, and threw away or relocated another 35 things for a total of 42.  There are probably more DVD's that I can get rid of, but I need to check with John first because he may want to keep them, and that's fine.  
  • Day 9:  Laundry room.  I knew this room would have a lot in it to get rid of because we keep puzzles, coloring things, and a few other things in there that the kids use at the kitchen table (which is right next to the laundry room).  As I sorted through and straightened the two bookshelves in there, I was able to throw away 40 things, mostly pictures they had started to color and never finished but also a few coloring books that were almost completely used up and a few other things.  Then I looked into the cabinets above the washer and dryer.  I didn't have much up there to get rid of, just a few (nine) candles.  I found four unused candles which I plan to donate along with nine puzzles that my children never do.  Altogether, today I got rid of 62 things!
  • Day 10:  Medicine cabinet.  Since I am a non-working pharmacist, it's in my nature to go through our medications fairly frequently and dispose of expired ones.  I wasn't surprised to find only two expired prescriptions and only three or four over-the-counter medicines.  But I did throw away the droppers that we've used to dispense medications since my children are old enough not to need those anymore.  (If the baby needs one, I'm sure the pharmacy will give us one.)  There were a few other things in there, too, that we don't need, so I was able to throw seventeen things away.  
I still need to work at going through the baby's stuff, but I plan to do that on Saturday.  I've got to get things ready for CC first!

How was your week?

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