Friday, April 10, 2015

Finished Object Friday

Daniel has been asking me to make him a blanket for a while, so I finally got around to it.  He picked out the colors and the pattern from this book.  I think it turned out well, although it is heavy which just means that it will be nice and warm.  Since it's a regular blanket (instead of a baby blanket), I figure I shouldn't have to make him another one until he heads off to college or gets married or something.  ;)

I finished this blanket from this book before I made Daniel's; I just never got around to posting it.  I used my iPhone so the picture isn't the best.  This was a fun blanket to make, although my mother suggested blocking it...and I'm sure that I should.  But it's a baby blanket, and whoever gets it will wash it as soon as they bring it home.  At least, I would.

I have a question for you, my faithful readers.  Do you enjoy seeing pictures of the things I knit and crochet?  Honestly, I feel a little like I'm bragging.  If you do, too, please let me know, and I'll stop posting them.  Thanks!

What have you been working on lately?

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