Friday, February 6, 2015

Thankful Thursday...on Friday

It was not pretty enough this week to play outside, and we missed it.

This week has turned out to be much busier than I expected.  We didn't have CC, so I scheduled some other things to take advantage of our week off...and I think I overbooked ourselves.  Oops!  We had friends come over on Monday, and later I took another friend out for dessert for her birthday; Wednesday I took all four children to the doctor's office, and the three girls got shots; and yesterday we had more friends over.  It was fun (for the most part ;) ), but it was busy!

Here are a few things for which I'm thankful this week:
  • a week off from CC!  (My children, however, were disappointed.)
  • friends willing to drive an hour to see us
  • a fun way to celebrate birthdays:  dessert out
  • vaccinations, so we don't get sick!
  • that Rachel can now receive vaccinations
  • Baskin Robbins ice cream after shots
  • more friends -- who left cookies and ice cream with us when they left.  I'm still not sure whether to be thankful for that or not....  ;)
  • a quiet day today (I hope)
  • children who are trying to earn money; they're almost fighting each other to see who will unload the dishwasher or vacuum the floor after we eat!
  • cold weather that kept us inside and gave us time to clean the baseboards
  • Daniel who is looking forward to his upcoming birthday
For what are you thankful this week?  Do you tend to schedule too much for your weeks off school?

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