Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book Review: Winter's Child by E. Kaiser Writes

In this retelling of The Snow Maiden, the king and queen of Noran have wished for a child for a long time when finally they receive Ilise.  As she grows, they realize that she has extraordinary powers, the ability to manipulate ice and snow.  They seclude her so that she doesn't hurt anyone and so no one will discover what she can do.  Meanwhile, they have another daughter Girta who is a rambunctious child.

There are other characters introduced into the story, but they don't interact with the first ones.  In a different kingdom Demargen, the king and queen have another son, one of many.  And somewhere else, a little boy named Kai is found by a woodcutter while wandering lost in a blizzard with his two reindeer.

I liked this story, but I have to admit that it's disjointed with the different characters not coming into contact with each other.  And this story is full of ideas from the movie Frozen, and it almost feels like a retelling of that movie with more backstory.  And I have to wonder if this trilogy would flow better as one book instead of three, although I've only read the first one.  However, I look forward to seeing what Writes does with this story in the rest of the books.

I want to thank the author for my copy of this book, but my opinions are my own.

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