Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday's Tips: Measuring Medicine for Children

Those silly plastic cups that come with children's medicine, what are we supposed to do with them?  Please don't actually use them to measure your child's medicine because they are not accurate.  You need an oral dosing syringe; you can buy one, or most pharmacies will give you one if you just ask.

I keep these silly cups because I'm a bit of a packrat, and finally I figured out a use for them.  A couple of weeks ago, all four of my children had a bad cough.  To help them sleep, I planned to give them some cough medicine, but I didn't want to use the same dosing syringe because of cross-contamination. So I drew up the correct dose in a syringe and put it into a cup, one for each of my oldest three children.  Then they drank up their individual doses, and there was no sharing of germs.  Great!  And then I used the syringe for Mary as she's not ready for a cup yet.

Sometimes, too, I use these cups when I need to give one child two or more medications, e.g. for fever and for cough.  I draw up the correct dose in a syringe and put it into the little cup; then I can use the same syringe for the second medication.  And I can either draw up both medications into the syringe (for Mary) or have the child drink the concoction.

Do you save those little cups?  What do you use them for?

I have another post about giving medicine to children here, if you're interested.

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