Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Review of Goals

Whew!  What a busy month!  We had great visits with both Uncle Ray and my parents; and with them here, we visited sites new to us while we put formal schooling on hold.  Now we're getting back into our routine.  Maybe I can blame some of the things I didn't get done on our visitors.  What do you think?  No?  I didn't think so!

Here's how I did:
  • Read through my book list.  I thought I had finished a book on my list, but I was mistaken.  I have five books to go and three months in which to read them.  Here's what I did read last month.
  • Exercise.  This goal was hit and miss during September.
  • Have one fun school day per month.  We had a lot of fun celebrating Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day, and we tried to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day, but I just couldn't make it to the library to pick up the books about him that I requested.  We still had a yummy dessert, so I think it counts!
  • Take one field trip a month.  Oh, boy!  With Uncle Ray and my parents here, we had several field trips:  the local aquarium (twice), the planetarium, and the Children's Museum in Houston.  Fun times!
  • Date night.  Fail.  Again.
  • Home improvement project.  Does getting new chicks count?
  • Service project.  Fail.  Again.
  • Hospitality.  We didn't have anyone over just for supper last month, but we did have Uncle Ray  and my parents for visits.  I'm sure that must count.
  • Work.  I just need to figure out when to take the Texas law test (and actually schedule it!).
  • Having my children do more around the house.  I'm not having them do anything big, but they're doing all kinds of little chores for me which is a big help.
What about you?  How are you doing with your yearly goals?

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