Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Question: Whom Do You Want to Meet in Heaven?

When I arrive in Heaven, the first thing I will do is look for Jesus Christ, my Savior.  After that I'm sure I'll spend some quality time with old friends and family who have arrived before me.  I'm not sure what will happen afterwards, but I am making a mental list of the people I would like to meet once I get to Heaven.  So far, these are the people I have on my list:
  • Deborah.  Wasn't she an amazing woman?  The only woman judge mentioned in the Bible, and one of the few women who didn't have anything negative recorded about her.
  • C.S.  Lewis.  What he has written makes me think, and I'm sure that talking with him will be even more thought-provoking.  
  • Randy Alcorn.  Another author I really admire.  He is still alive, but chances are that we won't meet this side of heaven.
  • R.J.  Rushdoony.  Have you been reading my Monday's Quotes?  Wow!  Didn't he hit the proverbial nail on the head about so many things?  I can't wait to meet him, as well.
  • My guardian angel.  I can't wait to talk to him about all the ways he helped me in this life and how many times he saved my life while I was riding all of those crazy horses.  And that night I had the concussion and drove myself to the emergency room, and I don't remember any of it?  I'm sure he was there, driving my truck for me.  
Who would you like to meet in Heaven?  Have you thought much about it?

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