Thursday, September 12, 2013

We're All Winners...Or Are We?

Recently, I heard someone say, "We're all winners," and I had to bite my tongue to keep from correcting her.  (I have to do that fairly frequently; do you?)

Some people work very, very hard, and that makes them winners, right?  And some people don't work at all, and they're the losers.  Isn't that how life works?

I want to make sure that my children learn this lesson as soon as possible because, unfortunately, that's not how it works.  Some people work hard day after day, and they don't get picked for the team or receive the promotion they're due.  And some people don't work at all, and they do get on the team or receive the promotion.  And it's not fair.  But like our mothers told us, "Life's not fair."

I want my children to know how to win and lose graciously.  When we play games, I do not let my children win; well, very rarely when they were younger, I would let them win occasionally because it's not fun to always lose.  Part of playing a game is losing, and children need to know how to do that without throwing a fit or sulking.  They also need to know how to win without gloating.  And they need these skills whether they won (or lost) through luck or skill.

What do you think?  Is everyone a winner in the game of life?  Do you, or have you, let your children win when you play games with them?

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