Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Fun and Not-So-Fun Weekend

Uncle Ray came for a visit last week, and we had so much fun while he was here.  He even went to our Classical Conversations group with us and was Daniel's presentation.

His visit gave us an excuse to do some things that we just hadn't gotten around to yet, like visiting the Battleship Texas, and that was great!

Friday night, Mary tipped a chair over and busted her chin.  I took her to the emergency room, and I guess I should be thankful that was our first trip with any of our children.  They just glued it back together, and she was a champ through the whole process.  I knew how bad the nurse thought it would be when she walked in with two, big male nurses!  We were so thankful that Ray was visiting, as I left the older three children with him to take Mary to the ER where John met us.

Then over the weekend, we lost two more chickens, so I'm down to three.  Marigold, our favorite, disappeared like Bob Tomato did, but we found Buttercup's feathers.  John discovered a coyote track, so we think that's what got them.  Very sad!  But Uncle Ray even helped worked on the new coop!  No more free-ranging!

Overall, this weekend was more fun than not-so-fun (thanks to Uncle Ray!), but it was certainly not boring at all!

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