Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday's Quote: Can Voting Change our Country?

Are you guilty of thinking that we can "fix" our country by voting for the right people?  I know that I have been, but after reading R.J. Rushdoony, I no longer am.
The ballot box has a very important function in a free society, but it can never be expected to do anything more than to reflect the character, the desires, and the will of the people.  If the people who vote are of weak or bad character, if their desires are larcenous and envious, and if their will be perverse and evil, the election results will merely reflect their own nature on a broader scope.  This means too that people who expect to reform the state or country by means of the vote, by elections, are headed for failure and disillusionment.  Reformation must begin in the lives of the people in order to show up in the ballot box.  (emphasis added)
It appears that, if we truly want to change our country, we must engage the people around us with meaningful conversation, trying to change them.  Actually, we need to lead people to Christ because He is the only One who can truly change anyone, and without that kind of change, nothing in our country will improve.

What do you think?

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