Thursday, September 5, 2013

Farewell, Bob Tomato!

We lost a chicken last weekend.  Yes, lost.  She was here Saturday morning and was not that evening.  John had to run the chainsaw which frightened the hens pretty badly, and we think that Bob Tomato (who turned out to be a hen not a rooster) ran away and lost her way.  At this point, we don't expect her to find her way home.  The kids are sad, but they've taken it in stride for the most part.  I think it helps that chickens are not the most personable pets.  So I'm left with five chickens:  one Barred Rock, two Buff Orpingtons, and two Easter Eggers, if you're keeping count.

On the flip side, Alice started laying yesterday.  She laid that great big egg in the middle, and it's the same size as a large egg from the grocery store.  I'm thrilled that she started laying...and laying in the nest box where she should!  Since my other three older hens started laying two weeks ago, I wasn't sure whether Alice just wasn't laying yet or if she were laying somewhere in the neighbor's yard.  Now I know, and I look forward to more of her eggs!

So there's been a little good and bad at our house this week.  What about you?

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