Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Wonderful Visit

Granddaddy always finds the neatest videos on YouTube.

My parents came for a visit last week, and it was wonderful!  It was the first time that my father had been here, so it was fun showing him around.  Both of my parents enjoyed seeing our new chicks and our established hens.  And we all enjoyed eating some farm fresh scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Yum!

 Grammy played game after game after game after....

Their visit was a great excuse to do some special baking:  Cookie Dough Cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and peasant bread.  We also enjoyed homemade bread and chocolate chip muffins which actually aren't so us.

Grammy also read book after book after book after....

We also seized the opportunity to share some of our fun things, like the local aquarium and planetarium, and to try new things like the Children's Museum of Houston.  It was a busy week but so much fun!

Mostly, though, we just enjoyed spending time with my parents.  We miss them since we live so far away now, and their visits are more special now that we don't see them often.  We try to make the most of their time here with us and try not to take it for granted.

We have enjoyed our guests this month:  my parents and Uncle Ray, but it will be nice to slow down a little bit in October!

Have you had any special visitors lately?

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