Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday's Quote: Are We Fortunate for Enduring Tragedies?

It's hard when it's your brother's birthday and not yours.

I finished The Mystery of Lawlessness by John K. Reed last night, and it's a fascinating novel about the time after the Flood, before the Tower of Babel.  But I'll review it later when I write about the books I've read this month.  To set the stage for this quote:  there are three women talking, and one of them, Mariel, recently left a terrible situation which culminated in her husband wanting to kill her.  The second woman, Madrazi, tells her that she was fortunate for what she endured.  The third woman, Jael, doesn't understand and throws the word "fortunate" back into Madrazi's face, and she responds:
Don't let sentiment cloud good sense, Jael.  "Fortunate" is what I said and meant.  We are made for God, not for ourselves.  Anything that turns us to Him is a blessing.  These few short years on Earth are nothing compared to the unending days of the true Eden.  Don't measure the worth of your soul by what fills your years here.
"Anything that turns us to Him is a blessing."  Don't we hear words like that from Christians who have gone through horrible tragedies?  It doesn't seem like that should be true, does it?  But it must be.  There are too many witnesses who say the same thing, and, of course, we find this truth in the Bible.  Whatever temporary, bad things happen here will be (are!) overshadowed by the wonder and awesomeness that we will discover when we get to spend eternity in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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