Friday, August 23, 2013

3 in 30: A Week Full of Wonderful Happenings...Plus How I Did With my Goals

Do you notice anything different about Rachel?  No long sleeves!

We had a couple of wonderful things happen this week.  First, at least three of our chickens started laying eggs this week.  I know that it's three because we got three eggs yesterday!  Finally, our chickens are starting to earn their keep, and it's just so much fun to find eggs!

The other thing that happened is so much bigger and more wonderful that the first one.  We received excellent news at Rachel's appointment Wednesday:  since she's doing so well, the doctor thinks she may never have a relapse...assuming we keep being diligent about sun exposure.  We're so excited that we can hardly stand it!

With those developments, my goals just didn't seem so important this week.  But here's how I did:
  • Get back into a good routine with school.  We started Classical Conversations this morning, so I needed to figure out how that would fit into our routine.  The fifty minute drive wasn't too bad...once I figured out where to go.  Google Maps and my GPS let me down.  We enjoyed our new teachers and classmates, but I miss having Sarah Beth and Daniel in the same class.
  • Get back into a good routine with household chores.  I'm not sure that I have a routine, per se, but what I'm doing seems to be working.  That's what counts, right?
  • Lose three pounds.  I've had a little tummy trouble this week, so I'm back down to where I was two weeks ago -- at a one pound weight loss.
What did you accomplish this week?  Did anything exciting happen to you?  Have you been let down with directions by two different sources?

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