Friday, August 2, 2013

3 in 30: Old and New Months (and Goals)

All eight children that were here Monday.

This week feels like it's been one last "hurrah!" before we start school next week.  I didn't plan it that way; it just happened.  On Monday, we had some good friends from Florida come down from her parents' house in Houston for a visit, and we had a great time!  Tuesday was the end of summer reading party; maybe we shouldn't have gone, but the kids had fun.  Wednesday, we planned to go to Story Time at the library, but Rachel wasn't feeling well.  Yesterday, I had to do the thing I hate the most about being a parent with Rachel.  Afterwards, we went to a bounce-house place where all four children had too much fun.  Today we're heading back to the library to pick up the prize that Rachel won in the summer reading drawing.  Whew!  We'll be ready for a nice, quiet week at home doing school next week!

Since half of this week was still July, I thought I would continue those goals:
  • Walk on the treadmill three or four times a week.  Three times this week.
  • List things on ebay.  I cannot remember what our account name/email address is, and I keep forgetting to ask for John's help.  I don't think we've listed anything in a few years and a couple of moves (and different email addresses), so I may have to start a new account.  I'll try to work on that this weekend and keep you posted.
  • Work on clutter:  in my closet, the girls' room, living room bookshelves, and library shelves.  Friday and Saturday, I dug in and finished my closet and the girls' room.  Basically, in my closet, I just put some of John's miscellaneous things in a box so that it looks neater.  I brought down two big boxes full of baby things to donate, one from the girls' room and the other from the playroom.  It felt good to get all of that stuff out of the house; now I just need to figure out how to deliver it since the boxes are too big for the back of my minivan with all four carseats in it.
Now for my August goals:
  • After seven weeks of summer, we start school Monday, so I want to get back into a good routine with that.
  • I've enjoyed having the extra time to get daily chores done, so I also need to get back into a good routine with household chores.
  • I would like to lose three pounds this month.  When John left for Texas back in February, I got a little lazy with my eating and portion sizes, and I gained a few extra pounds.  I've been ignoring this small problem, hoping it would go away, but like all problems, ignoring it hasn't helped.  And I know that three pounds isn't much, but I figure that if I let these go, then I'll let more join them.  And I certainly don't want that!
What goals are you working toward this month?

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