Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday's Quote: Do We Want Slavery? Really?

I've been reading R.J. Rushdoony's book A Word in Season:  Volume 2, and I came across these quotes.
Throughout history, wherever and whenever self-government declines, statist government increases proportionately.  If men will not govern themselves, someone else will. 
The problem of our time is that men want neither freedom not self-government.  They want the advantages of slavery without its penalties.  Slavery offers cradle-to-grave security and it offers a master who solves all problems for us.  Most people want slavery but are not honest enough to call it slavery.  They sugarcoat it with all kinds of political slogans to make it sound like heaven itself, and they are the first victims of their propaganda.

The heart of true self-government is to live in terms of God and His Word, because His way is the way of life.  (p. 48-49)
I hadn't thought about this before, that people will be governed by something, whether it's themselves or the government.  But I agree with Rushdoony, and it certainly seems like this very thing is happening in our country today, as we move further from God and Christianity and more toward a controlling government.

Have you thought about this before?  What do you think?

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