Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kudos to Lego!

When we moved to Texas back in March, we stayed for almost two weeks in the rental house John lived in while he waited for us to join him.  My mother and I were concerned that the children would get bored and need something to do, so she picked up a few toys to bring to help keep them occupied.  One of those toys was Snow White's Cottage.

One day, while my mother was out getting groceries, we pulled out Snow White's Cottage, and Sarah Beth helped Rachel put it together.  When Mom got back, she admired it but couldn't find Snow White.  Oh, no!  Snow White was missing.  We searched the whole house, all of the drawers, under beds, inside the couches, and she was gone.  We don't know what happened to her, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Mary was involved.  Regardless, we haven't had Snow White for months.

(I wonder what the owners of the rental house will think when they find her.)

I've missed Snow White, so I looked online for a replacement.  The only one I could find on ebay was prohibitively expensive, so I checked the LEGO website.  Did you know that you can order a replacement piece, if you lose one?  I looked for another Snow White, but there wasn't one.

Figuring that someone there should be able to help, I emailed Customer Support, and when she emailed me back...well, here's what she said:

Thank you for contacting us about replacing your licensed Snow White Minifigure.

As a company, we partner with other companies (LucasFilm Ltd®, Disney®, Warner Bros. ™ etc) that allow us to use their licensed images for our sets. Our current licensing agreements prohibit us from selling the particular pieces that you are looking for individually. It is important to us that we respect and uphold all of our current agreements. Again, we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Reading that, I was very disappointed, but what could I do except to continue reading:

However, what I would like to do is to send you out a new Snow White's Cottage set for you so that you child can once again be reunited with Snow White. You should be receiving this set in the next 3 - 8 business days.

What?  Really?  LEGO was going to send me a whole new set?  Wow!  I certainly never expected that!  We have bought several LEGO sets for our children:  regular ones for Daniel, Duplos for Rachel, and the new "Friends" ones for Sarah Beth.  But this customer service makes us even more loyal customers.

Many times, we tend let others know when companies give us poor customer service, and sometimes we forget when we receive good or excellent customer service.  I wanted to take this opportunity to say, "Kudos to LEGO!"

Have you experienced excellent customer service like this?

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