Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gummy Bears, Er, Stars

One of the things Rachel takes every day is a calcium and vitamin D supplement, but she gets tired of these supplements.  So we look for new ones to keep her happy.  The latest ones are Gummy Bears, and, well, they started a chain of events.

First, I started singing the Gummi Bears theme song, the only line I know.  (I've just dated myself, I know.)  Then the kids wanted to know where that song came from and how I knew it.  So I looked it up to show them...which led our viewing this video showing how to make a gummy bear grow.  And then we got the idea of making our own gummy bears.  So we looked for a recipe and found this one.

I have been trying lately to be a more fun mother.  I'm not letting discipline slide, but I do want to try to do more fun things with my children.  Especially during these few weeks we're not having school.  So we made gummy bears yesterday.  Actually, we made gummy stars because that's the kind of mold I could find at Hobby Lobby.

Making gummy stars wasn't too hard, but they're a little unflavorful.  I didn't see the comments about using less plain gelatin, so next time I'll try it with that suggestion.  But we enjoyed the process, and it was a fun thing to do.

Do little things get you singing silly songs like they do me?  Do you remember the Gummi Bears tv show?  Have you made gummy bears (or stars) before?  Do you go on wild goose chases like this?

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