Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Requesting Library Books

Since we moved here to Texas, we've been heading to the library about once a week.  When you go that often and check out twenty or so books at a time, you start to run out of things you know to read.  Then one day I received a catalog from Veritas Press and discovered inside it a list of wonderful books to read with my children.  

On the next trip to the library, I took a list of those books and was pleased to discover most of them.  However, that was the only successful trip.  After that, I felt "lucky" to find one or two from my list.  Then I remembered the "request" feature on our library's website.  I can request books from any library in our county and have them delivered to our library.  How nice!

I started using this feature, and it has been lovely.  When we celebrated Flag Day, I didn't have to look for books on the American flag and hope they were good.  I just looked through the books available in our county for the best ones, and then I had them delivered to the closest library.  No work for me!  Right now, I'm waiting for two or three books on Paul Bunyan to be delivered.  Did you know that Friday is Paul Bunyan Day?

Of course, using this systems takes time.  I had to order the books almost a week before Flag Day which means that I have to plan ahead.  But if I can get my act together this school year, it will be great!  When we study volcanoes, we can read books about them.  Won't that be wonderful?!

Do you take a list of books when you go to the library?  How often do you go?  Do you request books?

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