Friday, June 28, 2013

3 in 30: A Fun Week with a Special Guest!

My mother is visiting this week, and we're having such a good time with her.  She's been reading herself hoarse to the children and playing board games with them until she's cross-eyed.  And that's why we love her so much!

But here's how I finished up with my goals for the month:
  • Exercise three or four times a week.  After almost (but not quite) breaking my toe last week, I haven't been able to exercise.  My toe doesn't really hurt anymore...except when I wear my tennis shoes.  And I don't want to hurt my other leg as I compensate for that relatively minor pain, so I took this week off from walking on my treadmill.  And I will probably take next week off, too.  I think I will carry this goal over to next month.
  • Work on my yearly goals, getting some of them accomplished this month.  Things like having people over for supper and date night have fallen by the wayside with the move and everything, and I want to make a concerted effort to make them happen this month.  We had another family over for supper last weekend, and we had such a good time with them.  But we didn't have a date night.  Oh, well.
  • Get rid of the clutter!  I've got boxes of things that need to be dealt with:  things for Goodwill, things for the pregnancy center, and things to sell on ebay.  I want to start clearing this stuff out!  I took a couple of boxes to the pregnancy center yesterday, but I still have a few more boxes to get rid of.  I may need to carry over the ebay goal to next month, too.
How did you do this week?  What were you able to accomplish?

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