Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Know that You Have Been Waiting on the Edge of Your Chair for this Update

I have had my chicks for three weeks now.  I think I was told incorrectly the age of the bigger ones; I think they were at least four weeks old, if not five, instead of the three I was told.  Not that it makes much difference.  For comparison, here are pictures of my chicks when I brought them home.

These two girls have really grown! You may not be able to tell how much by the pictures, though.  And they've gotten much prettier; they are my and John's favorite chicks based on coloration.

Look at those little fingers!  Mary is still fascinated by the chicks.

We ordered a coop a couple of weeks ago, but it hasn't arrived yet.  The chicks are getting old enough, I think, to go outside in a coop.  I would definitely like to take them outside for a "field trip," but I don't have any way to keep them corralled, and I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to catch them.

Now, tell the truth:  have you been lying awake at night wondering about my chicks?

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