Friday, May 17, 2013

3 in 30: A Successful, Homebound Week

Trying on Daddy's shoe.

This week was a little quieter than I meant it to be, or even than I wanted it.  Daniel came down with a fever, which was his only symptom, on Tuesday.  He still had it Wednesday so we couldn't go to story time at the library.  That's okay; there's another story time at a different library on Thursday (where I really wanted to go anyway because the other mothers were friendlier there).  But Daniel still had that pesky fever yesterday.  So we were home all week instead of getting out at least once.  Believe it or not, my car hasn't been driven since Sunday when we went to church.  I must admit that we're getting a little stir crazy.  Hopefully, Daniel is better today so we can get out and do something.  Except that the termite people are coming this morning.  *Sigh*

Anyway, Wednesday was National Chocolate Chip Day, and we had to celebrate.  With Daniel being sick, we couldn't do everything I had planned.  I didn't think it would be good to make cookies and not let Daniel help.  And I really didn't want him to help, with him being sick and everything.  But we did have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  Yum!

Since we were home so much, I was able to get a bunch unpacked and put away.  One of the things we found was a combination game that includes checkers and Chinese checkers.  I taught Sarah Beth and Daniel how to play, and we've had great fun with those games.

And we received a fun package from my mother.  She made Sarah Beth and Rachel new dresses that are adorable!  They love them and were so excited to wear them yesterday.

Here's how I did with my goals this week:

  • Continue unpacking, sorting, and putting away.  As I said above, I got a bunch done.  I got five boxes unpacked, sorted, and put away.  Writing it like that, it doesn't sound like that much, but it certainly felt like it!  I think I have less than five boxes left to go.  Whoohoo!  Then I will need to go back through the house, looking for places for everything that got unpacked without being put away.  
  • Work on my laziness when it comes to getting out of bed and getting the laundry folded.  I've done pretty well with this goal this week.  I'm pleased.
  • Bake something new every week, trying them out at the lunches after church.  I tried this Cookie Stuffed Brownie recipe, and it was okay.  John and I agreed that we prefer our chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, and brownies separate.  I also tried this recipe for Crescent Chicken but not for the church potluck.  It was really good, a keeper for sure!  Thanks, Tracey, for finding and sharing the recipe!
How did you do this week?

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