Friday, May 31, 2013

3 in 30: An Excellent Week!

Oh, boy!  Was this week a good one for our family!  Sunday was Sarah Beth's birthday, and we had a great time celebrating her turning seven.  She planned her special day for months:  she wanted strawberry muffins for breakfast, Ham and Spinach Pie for supper, and, of course, a cake.

We found the idea for this cake in Taste of Home, but I didn't use the recommended recipe since Sarah Beth wanted a strawberry cake.  Instead, I used a recipe out of Anne Byrn's The Cake Mix Doctor for the cake and another recipe from Taste of Home for the vanilla icing.  Regardless of all of that, Sarah Beth was pleased with her cake (as was I!), and that's all that matters, right?

Then on Wednesday, I took Rachel to her new doctor here for her second appointment, and we received excellent news:  Dr.  R doesn't want to see Rachel for three months with lab work in two months.  Hooray!  Since Rachel was diagnosed with JDM, we've driven over an hour each way every month for her appointments.  Three months off?  Yes, please!!

Since Monday was Memorial Day, we had an extra day this week with John, and that's always nice.  However, all of these good things weren't so good for my monthly goals.

  • Continue unpacking, sorting, and putting away.  Since I finished the unpacking last week, I only have the sorting and putting away to go.  I got a little bit done on Tuesday and yesterday.  Hopefully, I'll get some more done today because there's still a lot left to do!
  • Work on my laziness when it comes to getting out of bed and getting the laundry folded.  I feel like I did fairly well on this goal this week, especially with the laundry.  I think I got everything folded and put away the day I washed it or the day after.
  • Baking something new every week, trying the recipe out at church lunches.  The only new recipe I tried this week was for the vanilla icing for Sarah Beth's cake, and it was good!  But I didn't share it with our friends at church.  
What were you able to accomplish this week?  Did you receive any good news?

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