Monday, April 29, 2013

Writing Letters to Express Gratitude

As I wrote last week in my first post about this subject, letter writing can be a great way to encourage others, not just a way to keep in touch.  Another use for letters is to show appreciation.

When Uncle Ray came to visit last fall, he told us about a letter he received years ago when he was a teacher.  The mother of one of his students had written it, and it meant a lot to him.  He was upset that it got lost because he wished he had had it framed.  Similarly, when John turned in his notice at his old job in Florida, he received a note from one of his co-workers that he would like to frame and keep.  Both of these notes were important and worth saving because the writers were appreciative of these men and what they had done.  It meant a lot to them that someone had taken the time to write these notes.

Back in Florida, our children's nurse practitioner was a big help in getting Rachel diagnosed with JDM.  I tried to think of some way to express my gratitude for that and for the way she treated our other children.  I thought about baking something, making some soap, or even crocheting something for her.  But none of those ideas seemed right.  Then I remembered Uncle Ray's and John's experience, and I wrote her a letter.  

I never saw her after I sent her the letter, so I can only assume that she appreciated it.  There is always the possibility that she ripped it up and threw it in the trash...but I doubt it.

If someone does something meaningful for you, I want to encourage you to write them a note letting them know.  Most people only hear about the times they do something wrong, so a nice note would probably be a welcome change.  

Have you ever written a note to express your gratitude?  Have you ever received one?

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