Monday, April 15, 2013

What I Did This Weekend

 Yesterday was my birthday.  And since I was pretty much home alone all weekend, I got to do what I wanted.

When John started his new job here in Texas, he brought the boat with him, but he left it at his brother's house in Louisiana because he didn't have anywhere here outside of Houston to keep it.  Now that we've been here a couple of weeks (and bought a house!), he wanted to pick up his boat.  It just so happened that he wanted to go this weekend -- my birthday weekend.

When he realized that, I told him not to worry about it, to go ahead and go.  I knew that he wanted to get his boat home as soon as he could.  And he knew that I would love some time to myself.  So he took our older three children with him, leaving me here at home with Mary.

Why didn't Mary and I go?  We wouldn't fit in John's truck, so we would have had to take two cars.

Why was I looking forward to some time to myself?  I'm a homebody, so I like to stay home.  But when I'm home, I'm usually doing household chores.  But with only Mary here, there wasn't too much to do.  (I left the unpacking alone.)  I'm also an introvert, so I love having some alone time.  Honestly, I think that's the hardest part for me being a homeschooling mother:  I'm always surrounded by people!

How did I spend my time?  I spent my time reading, catching up on the internet, crocheting, playing with Mary, and running some errands.  I even made another batch of soap.  It has been a while since I last made soap, and I was about to run out!

I also picked up some chicks.

As I get older, it seems that there is less and less that I want for my birthdays.  Last year, I started a new hobby -- soap making -- and received the utensils for that craft.  This year, I wanted chickens, so I got the stuff I needed for that.  Won't it be nice to have fresh eggs from my own chickens?  I can't wait...but I will have to.  It'll be awhile before these chicks are old enough to lay eggs.

Mary is fascinated by the chicks.

Why did I get the kinds of chicks that I did?  There are two reasons, well, really three:  these breeds are docile (we won't have aggressive animals around our children), they are great layers, and they were available at our local feed and seed store.  (Next year, I may order some to get exactly what I want.)

I love this smile as she watches the chicks.

I have two Araucana chicks (the little ones), two Buff Orpingtons (the tan ones), and two Barred Plymouth Rocks (the black and white striped ones).  Buff Orphingtons are supposed to be very friendly; Barred Rocks are nice looking; and I wanted Araucanas because they lay blue or green eggs (and sometimes pink!).  Easter eggs all year long!

Sarah Beth was so excited to be able to hold a chick until she discovered that it's really not that much fun.

John arrived home with the boat yesterday afternoon, and we all had fun playing with the chicks.  We plan to go out for dinner tonight for my birthday; there's a local Mexican restaurant with excellent food. I can't wait!

How do you like to spend your birthdays?  Alone or with a crowd of people?  Any suggestions for a new hobby for my birthday next year?

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