Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Outside the House Pictures

I think I told you before that now we have three acres, and we love it!  It's so nice to send the older three children outside to play, knowing that there is plenty of yard for them.  Yesterday, when I checked on them, they were all huddled together looking at something on the ground.  I discovered that they were cracking open pecans they had found and eating them!  

We hadn't even moved into our house yet before we bought five blueberry bushes, a couple of apple trees, and a blackberry bush.   

Look at all of these blueberries ripening, just waiting for us to eat them!

The previous owners put in a tire swing.

Do you think our children like it?

Mary loves being outside, too, and I hate it that she can't go out without me yet.  There's just so much that I need to do indoors, like unpacking, and she's stuck with me.  But we do go outside every day, even if it's just to water the blueberry bushes.

I love this picture of Mary's little hand reaching for the clover.

Do you see it?  The honey bee?  When my mother and I saw the honey bees, we had the same thought, although she expressed it first.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a hive?  I don't plan even to look into it, though, until next year.  But wouldn't it be fun?!

We have a small pond, too, and apparently it has some fish in it, but we don't know what kind.  This pond is the big reason that Mary can't go out unsupervised.  

There is so much that one can do with three acres, and we are having so much fun making our plans!

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