Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rachel's Third Birthday

Saturday was Rachel's third birthday.  It's been a difficult year for her since she was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis, but she is doing great.  By God's grace, Rachel was diagnosed quickly and her treatment was started promptly.  Because of those things and because of our loving Lord, Rachel couldn't be doing better.  But it's been an eventful year.

In our home, when you turn three, things change somewhat.  You are now big enough for age-appropriate chores such as clearing your place at the table.  But you are also old enough to be responsible for things like using scissors and playing with Play-Doh.  Rachel looked forward with eager anticipation for months for the time she would be able to play with Play-Doh.  And she is typically fairly helpful, so she won't mind her chores much once she gets used to them.

Rachel is our happy child.  She sings and dances her way through our home and through our lives.  She acts shy when she meets new people, but don't let her fool you.  She also enjoys antagonizing her siblings and even her parents, I'm afraid.  Life with Rachel is never, never boring!

I hate that I'm late with this post, but it couldn't be helped due to our computer problems.

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