Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Weekend in Texas

John and I flew out to Texas Friday night on a house-hunting trip for our upcoming move.  My mother came down from Georgia to watch our children, so we had a little trip just by ourselves.  We haven't had that since I came down here on a house-hunting trip, and before that, well, we hadn't had one.  It was nice to have some time alone, but we sure did miss our children!  We got back last night late, actually this morning early.

Our trip was fairly successful.  We found three houses that are possibilities, but you know how it is.  There are a lot of good things about each house, but there is also something wrong with each one.  We have to weigh the good and not-so good things in order to decide which house to buy.  Even then, it's not so easy because the price has to be right.  So we're waiting on more information before we proceed any further.  And it sure would be nice if our house here sold.

I liked the area that we're moving to.  As I told John when he first described it to me, as long as there is Chick-fil-A and Target, I'll be happy.  We don't have either one where we are now.  There are lots of other things there, as well, and I look forward to having a few more options.  It made me laugh, though, when people would apologize for the area being kind of small...because it's bigger than where we are now.

Meanwhile, my mother had a nice visit with our children.  She got to spoil them a little bit, the way that grandmothers are supposed to.  I am so grateful to her for being willing to come down so that John and I could make this trip.

Right now, I'm playing the catch-up game, catching up on:

  • spending time with my children.  Mary was fine while I was gone, but she won't let me out of her sight now that I'm home.
  • the house.  My mother did a great job with my children, but she doesn't know where everything belongs.  And I didn't expect her to keep up with all of my chores, anyway, while we were gone.
  • posting on my blog.  
  • reading your blogs.  I'll get to them when I can.
  • sleep.  I'm going to bed early tonight!
How was your weekend?  When was the last time you took a trip without your children?

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