Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Reading List for 2013

After looking through my stacks of books waiting to be read, I narrowed them down yesterday afternoon.   I tend to accumulate books faster than I am able to read them.  Some books become available via PaperBackSwap, and I know I'd better snatch them up while I can.  Some books look so good (and are so inexpensive) that I just can't turn them down because I'm afraid I'll forget about them if I do.  Two books* from this list are kept over from last year because I just didn't want to get to them.  I'm sure this list will be supplemented throughout the year by books I receive from PaperBackSwap and the ones I agree to review.  But this list gives me a starting point.

I read almost fifty books last year; I wonder how many I'll get read this year.

Books that I've read but are not on my "to read" list:

Books I've read with my children:
What would you like to read this year?  Do you accumulate books faster than you can read them?

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