Friday, January 11, 2013

3 in 30: A Successful Week

Sarah Beth was given a cross-stitch kit for Christmas, and I started showing her how to use it this week.

Despite my feeling like I was running behind all week, it was a good week.  Rachel had an appointment for her JDM, and she's still doing great.  We decreased her dose of prednisone again.  Whoohoo!  Other than that, we've gotten back into school full swing; our new science book came in the mail, so that was fun.

As for my goals, it was a successful week.
  • As part of my home improvement goal, I want to update my recipe notebook.  Basically, since I made it a few years ago, I haven't updated it.  So I want to punch holes in the recipes I've used and liked, throw out the ones that we didn't like (why didn't I do that before?), and do something with the ones I haven't gotten around to trying yet.  I sorted through several sections this week, throwing out the recipes I realize that I will never try.  I also punched holes in the rest of them, adding them to my "table of contents."  I've got a couple more sections to go through, but I got a good bit done this week!
  • As part of updating my recipe notebook, I want to try at least one new recipe a week.  I did not get this done.  I realized that there was a reason I hadn't tried some of these recipes:  they were too complicated to make or I didn't really think we would like them.  Maybe next week, I'll come across a recipe to try.
  • I want to quickly go through the whole house and get rid of things we don't use or need.  And this time, I have a schedule!  This week, I spent fifteen to twenty minutes in my closet and bedroom.  Next week, I plan to do the children's rooms.  Then the kitchen, living room, and laundry room.  And the last week, the playroom.  Well, I didn't get both of the children's rooms done, but I did go through Mary's room.  And I got the kitchen done; there was a lot of baby stuff I needed to get rid of:  bottles that I threw away, formula I packed up to donate to the local pregnancy center.  I have a lot more room now!
I'm so pleased with my progress!  What did you accomplish this week?

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