Friday, September 14, 2018

What I Enjoyed This Week: Soccer and NOT More Rain

It only took four daughters before I started playing with hairstyles.  

Last Saturday, I was worried about rain with my girls' soccer games.  Thankfully, God held the rain off for both games, at least while I was there.  I had to leave Rachel's game early to take Sarah Beth to get her team pictures taken, and after I left, the bottom fell out, and John and our other children got drenched.

We were concerned during Rachel's game when the other team scored two goals shortly after the game started.  But they fought back and tied it up.  After I left, both teams scored one more goal, ending up in a tie 3-3.  I am really proud of that tie because the other team was bigger and more aggressive.

Sarah Beth has come a long way since she started soccer two years ago.  Back then, she did not start games and played defender.  On Saturday, she started at center forward.  Then she scored two goals!  We are really proud of her hard work and increase in ability.

This week it has continued to rain.  And rain.  And rain.  With the storm in the gulf, we were afraid there might be flooding this weekend.  The Lord has been gracious to our area after two years of flooding, and He kept the rain to small enough amounts that there was no major flooding.

Here are a few things I enjoyed this week:
  • We had the week off from CC.  I love this schedule:  four weeks of CC, then a week off.  It gives us time to catch up on any weeks that we may not have learned well enough, and it also gives us a week off from getting up early to make it to class.  (Honestly, I don't know how people get their children to school on time every day.)
  • I enjoyed this extra day in my week without CC.  Since CC takes the whole day, when we don't have it, I feel like I've been given an extra day in my week.  Instead of cramming everything into the other four days of the week, I had five to spread things out in!
  • My children started piano lessons this week after their summer break.  Instead of teaching all four at once like last year, their teacher and I decided to split them up:  Rachel with Mary and Daniel with Sarah Beth.  Everyone said that it worked much better.
Rachel's soccer game for tomorrow has already been cancelled.  Most of the fields in our area have been closed because they are so wet, and the people-in-charge do not want them torn up.  We are still waiting to hear about Sarah Beth's game.  Since it's up in the Houston area, it may actually happen.  They have not gotten as much rain as we have.  

What did you enjoy this week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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