Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Needing to Rest is Not a Weakness; Even God Rested

Sometimes when I get tired and feel like I need a nap, I berate myself for it.  I mean, who has time to be tired, to rest?  And yet, honestly, who doesn't have time to rest?  Resting was instituted before the Fall when everything was still "very good."  It is not part of the curse.  Here are some thoughts of Courtney Reissig in Glory in the Ordinary:
It's a common misconception that the need for rest points to flaws in our personhood.  I once heard someone say that sleep is for weak people, implying that to sleep is to admit defeat.  In our self-sufficient culture, that is the exact opposite of the persona we want to display, isn't it?  Personally, when I am confronted with my weakness, limitations, or need for a nap, I am bothered and feel like I don't measure up to my own standards for excellence.  It grates on me.  A number of years ago someone told me that only God gets His to-do list done.  And I'm not God, so I should stop trying to measure up.

The need for rest and reprieve from our work goes back to the beginning of creation, when God created Adam and Eve in His likeness, His image.  Work is one of the ways that we bear God's image, but rest is another....  Rest is a God-designed gift meant to point us back to the One who created us and sustains our weary hands in our labors (Ps. 127:2).  If the God of the universe, who wants for nothing, rested, then we His image bearers, who are in want of everything, need rest.  (page 98)
How do you feel when you are tired?  Do you feel like you're admitting a weakness?  Or do you take it as a sign that you actually need some rest?  After reading this, I am more willing to take a break when I need it instead of pushing though my weariness to get one more thing done.

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