Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Does Rest Have to Mean You're Alone?

Being an introvert, when I want to rest, I want to be alone.  Alone with a book, alone with my knitting, alone with my thoughts.  Is there any other way to rest from my work, really?  But Courtney Reissig in her book Glory in the Ordinary helped me to rethink my views with this quote:
What is the difference between rest and play?  Is it resting to read a book to your child?  Is it resting to eat dinner when you open your home for hospitality?  It can be difficult to discern what is work and what is play when it all melds together.  But if work is about people, our rest is as well.  Just as we are tempted to view our work as done for our own glory, we are tempted to view our rest the very same way.  I see this in my own life when I lament my lack of rest, when what I really mean is that I haven't had a break from my kids in a while.  I can rest while watching a show with them.  I can rest while playing soccer with them outside.  I can rest while eating dinner with them.  Sometimes rest is watching Netflix by myself, and sometimes rest is eating pizza in the living room with my kids.  (page 109)  (emphasis mine)
Instead of immersing myself in a book or leaving the room when my children turn on the tv, maybe I should play a game with them or watch tv with them.  As Reissig says, if my work is about the people in my home, shouldn't my rest be, also?

Don't get me wrong; I will always enjoy the fleeting moments that I have by myself.  But maybe, just maybe I can learn to rest while spending time with the people I love most.

What do you think?  Can you rest while doing something with someone else?

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