Friday, July 6, 2018

What I Enjoyed This Week: Time with my Little Girls

This dress was Rachel's and she loved it.  Now it's Hannah's turn to dance around in it!

John took Sarah Beth and Daniel to hunt prairie dogs over the weekend, having left Thursday morning early and returning home Monday evening.  They had a great time even though they got too much sun.  But isn't that what usually happens when you're outside all day?

Meanwhile I stayed home with my little girls:  Rachel, Mary, and Hannah.  Since I did not want to sit around all day, bored or worse, watching tv, I tried to think of some fun things we could do that didn't cost much, if anything.  Thursday and Friday were easy since Rachel and Mary were finishing up their swimming lessons.  We took a trip to the library on Saturday.  Of course, we had church on Sunday, and I took all three swimming Monday morning.  We were busy enough so we didn't get bored, but we really were not busy at all.  I found the right balance.  Oh, and we did watch a few movies.  ;)

Here are a few other things I enjoyed:
  • John's birthday Tuesday.  Since he wasn't sure when they would get home from their hunting trip, he took Tuesday off, too.  So we had him home with us Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was wonderful to have him home for two weekdays in a row!
  • I have been doing Jen Wilkin's Bible study God of Creation through LifeWay, and it is wonderful!  She pulls together different parts of the Bible that I hadn't realized were so connected.  She also digs in deep into the first chapter of Genesis (that's as far as I've gotten) and shows the patterns that are there and why they are significant.  I have already learned a good bit.  If you're interested, LifeWay has the videos up to view for free here.  
  • I took all of the children swimming Thursday evening which they all enjoyed.  I have fun watching them have a good time, especially Hannah because she smiles the whole time.
  • my new treadmill.  Actually, I have been enjoying it for several weeks now.  When we took our tour of the Southwest, I ran on a few hotel treadmills, and they felt magical.  :)  I felt like I could run all day long, and they showed me how poor my old treadmill was, how hard it was to run on it.  So my sweet husband bought me a new one when we returned home.  While it's not as magical as the hotel treadmills, it is much, much better than my old one.
  • the rain.  It rained a couple of times this week, and we have needed it.
  • doing a puzzle with my girls.  Our library has puzzles that you can borrow, so we picked one out and have had fun figuring it out.  I especially enjoy it when all of my daughters are gathered around the table working on it.  Yes, even Hannah.  She is usually sitting on my lap putting pieces together that we take apart when she isn't looking since they don't really go together.  :)  Daniel does not enjoy puzzles.  :(
I have a busy week next week, so I will be using Saturday to get ready for that.  Hopefully, I will get most of my to-do list done so I can relax and enjoy Sunday.  

What have you enjoyed this week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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