Friday, June 29, 2018

What I've Enjoyed This Week: A 5K and a Swim Meet

Last Saturday, we were busy with a swim meet in the morning for Sarah Beth and Daniel and a 5K in the evening for me.  It was a fun day, though, as I enjoyed watching my children swim their best, cheer each other on, and improve their times from the previous meet.  Running the 5K in this Texas humidity was like running wearing a nice, warm blanket -- make that an oppressively thick blanket through which it was hard to breathe.  Ugh!  But I improved my running time, too, even in the heat and humidity which was encouraging!

This week Rachel and Mary continued their swimming lessons, and we have had a few other engagements in the afternoons.  It hasn't been as busy as last week which I appreciated.

Here are a few other things I enjoyed this week:
  • running the race with a friend.  Well, we didn't actually run it together since she runs faster than I do, but it was fun hanging out before and after the race.
  • doing puzzles with my daughters.  Yes, even Hannah likes to "help."  :)  Since the oldest two can put together a 500 piece puzzle in a day by themselves, I bought a 1000 piece puzzle for all of us to work on together.  It took us one day.  Maybe we need harder ones.  ;)
  • Daniel had golf camp, and he enjoyed it so much. 
  • not feeling guilty about not getting my summer learning plan done this week.  I felt like it was more important to spend that time with my daughters instead as we worked on puzzles. 
  • Parenting:  14 Gospel Principles that Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp.  I haven't finished this book yet, but it's wonderful!  And awfully convicting.  If you have children, you should read this book because it can transform how you view your children's misbehavior.  Instead of disobedience, Tripp shows how it is really a sin issue, one that you as a parent, are unable to fix.  Only by God's grace will our children change.   
This weekend we have no plans.  Hooray!  A quiet weekend at home!

What did you enjoy this week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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